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Queen And Tequila (The Mahones)

It was a Friday night, we were down at Paddy's Bar Joe Hurley came up to me, he said how are you doing so far? He said MacGowan's drinking down the street So we jumped in a cab, because we couldn't stand on our feet We went down to the grocery, there he was at the bar Sitting with his back to us, he wasn't very far Rory walked right up, said can I buy you a fucking drink? The beautiful barmaid she said what do you boys think? Can I buy you a drink, it's so good to see you You know what man, I wouldn't want to be you Excuse me there, beautiful senorita The two things I hate, the Queen and Tequila We woke in the morning, we had to play the Fleadh Pud he forgot his smokes, it wasn't Erin Go Bragh I went backstage, I couldn't even think Christy Moore, Sinead O'Connor, somebody give me a drink When we left New York, we were feeling fine Warm all over man, it must have been the wine So until the next time, this is what we say Ramones and Shane MacGowan, rocks the USA