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The Shamrock Shore (The Mahones)

So, fare the well My own true love I think of you night and day. Fare well to old Ireland Good bye to you Banna Strand No time to look back Facing the wind Fighting the waves May heaven protect us all From cold hunger and angry swans Pray I won't be lost Winds in the sails carry me safe [Chorus:] So, fare the well My own true love I'll think of you night and day A place in my mind You will surely find Although I am so far away And when I'm alone Far away from home I'll think of the good times once more Until I can make it back Some day Here to Paddy's green shamrock shore Out now on the ocean deep Ships noise makes it hard to sleep Tears fill up my eyes The image of you Won't go away [Chorus] New York is in sight at least My heart it is pounding fast Trying to be brave Wishing you near By my side As one [Chorus]