Forgotten Dead Crow (Corpus Christi)

I have killed yet another, and now I sit in my black hole Waiting for another victim that I can behold And not even that will feed this horrid need I live for my own pain and suffering I have beaten many before, and that would kill my pain But this rotting feeling in my gut won't seem to go away No matter how many I kill, it isn't enough So I sit in agony in my little black box For a mere second when I had her in my reach I almost felt cured and almost felt free She clawed and she fought yet I did not bleed No blood can be drawn from pure agony I stabbed her flesh and said my farewell I left to find another pawn to kill But there seems to be no to this horrid suffering I am not him and he is not me I am somehow forgotten and left behind This life it has cruelty cast me aside And fate it gave to me a horrid plot All I want is to die and peacefully rot