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Devastation Hands (Emerson Hart)

You got your pieces and you got your pawns You got devastation hands Life that leads like insanity What you need is you need Little something that will take the edge off Just a little push get you to the ledge You can jump it from When you're jumpin' Only you would ever know again Live for love but love's all gone Surround yourself with genius But the meanness is enough to kill someone So you learn what you learn You drink your blessings and you take your pills You look for something better So lost your will to save yourself So the hurt keeps comin? Only you would ever know who was your friend I know what you need You need someone to help you tonight Only when you're here can I feel like this I put my arms around you And only when you smile does it hurt like this Just let somebody love you I know what you need I know what you need, yeah I know, I know what you need tonight