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They-Say Vision (Res)

I wanna try that pill that people take Make you believe all the things that people say Sick of shuckin' 'round with a screwed up face With my heels dug in trying to leave a trace Now come on put me down somehow How you lose your faith (just take my hand and lead me where you wanna) [Chorus:] Pay no more mind to what you think you've seen It's as they do only Say what they say 'Cause there's only one way They-Say Vision It takes you back to just where you want Like when you ain't know no way Industry's down think I've died and I've flown away So so long to them thieves who came and took all the things to say I play the joker sometimes but then those moments slide back my way 'Cause for real I'd give my soul away Give it all away (so take my hand and lead me where you wanna) [Chorus] I know where they all go find someplace Where they don't mind loafing about the waste They-Say Vision takes you back to where no conscience Free from how you really see And if you think that you know Take the back road They got you where they want They got you