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Fire Fire (Fannypack)

You got it burnin burnin I keep you yearnin yearnin You got me so far gone There's no returnin turnin So ladies move them hips from the left to the right Round and round til that thing feel right Let it bounce let it pop To the sound of the beat Cause the heat got us drippin From our heads to our feet I I I I want you baby I ain't trippin that fire drive me crazy baby Fire fire Blaze it up ten time higher Make it burn like when fire catch kaya Fe smoke the highest grade my desire woyo oh And when its burning And upside down the place turning And a nuff nuff nuff respect we earning Anytime we pass through people yearning for more I feel the fire boy Make me feel tired boy Seems like I'm wired boy Make me perspire boy Keep it scortching hot I'm like a sweat box We steaming up the spot Somebody call the cops Work up an appetite Yeah baby get it right We'll do it all night slap it flip it dim the lights I I I want you baby I ain't trippin that fire drive me crazy baby Light it up and Burn it down you just Put those flames up Make it hotter now Spark that thing We gettin heated now So so hot we got uh whatcha needed now Bust that shot and cock it back again Smokin hot thats how we do it and Temperature is movin up and up Fire fire bring me up another cup