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Hey Mami (Fannypack)

Hey Miami, you beautiful Hey Miami you sexy Hey Miami, can I get that number Big hot pockets, feya, ugly Corny, busted, chopped, straight fugly British guys playing rugby Brooklyn boys who wanna thug me Skanky, cranky, foogly, oogly Slammin dudes who wanna do me G'Doonk G'Doonk, skoonky, flavors Bangin, mega hot, dumb haters Country boys and them boys in the city Buy me lunch and make me all giddy Sparkling clean, dirty, grimy and gritty Big muscle men and a little itty bitty Some look so good and some need a little work Some know what they gotta do to make me smirk Ralph, Donna, Marc, and my man Tommy Better go get that girl, Hey Miami