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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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On Top Of The World (Misery Loves Co.)

I could see it coming, I had my fingers crossed, behind my back this time Tonight we'll celebrate every garbage win we've ever lost in this world Movin'to the beat, of the rain that falls, just like you will:Just like I will: A fantastic failure, one to remember, when tomorrow comes And I don't care no more, I just wanna touch that magic escape over again If there's a time and place, will you tell me when, bring me consolation on a plate No one can stop us now cause we got nothing more to lose tonight We're standing on top of the world tonight Arms held out in a state of mind a perfect failure for the ones outside The personal failures are out of sight when all is forgotten will you help me rewind? We're standing on top of the world tonight We're on top of the world tonight