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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Rise & Fall (Misery Loves Co.)

There's a thousand eyes in my bed keeping me awake at night And it's so frustrating to see you drown your face under water drifting away Did I ever do something good or anything really bad? How I wish it could have been me instead I've played the part so many times in this f**ked up world This just might be our last night on earth I'd really like to spend it with you, inside of you You bring me close to heaven, I'm hanging to dry Soon your eyes will warm me up You say that: This just might be our last night on earth It really does'nt matter to me, let it burn tonight! This f**ked up world did'nt give us a choice The taste of a touch burning under your skin I'm willing to loose myself, I'm ready to tear a hole To rise and fall back down Now I wanna float inside, I need to do it right To rise and fall back down