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Son Of A Machine Gun Pt. II (American Me)

I hate this place we live in... This constant race for arms. A wanted killer needed to show the world what he's made of. No way out this time. You lie, you lie to live. No way out this time. Face the firing line. Stop praising false values. Speak your mind with open hearts. Fuck you and your broken promises... Your drawn out crying eyes... Leave me something more to bargain for. Strapped to the max with explosives on my back. I couldn't do it for myself (for myself). My conscience told me to let go. It's only best for me. View my actions as a sinner but I'll die a martyr. Let go, it's my time to show the world... Stand tall, this is me. I will die for everything All my thoughts, with all that I got, I died for a future I never saw... Bastardmaker Bury my face in my hands from shame to hate I am human errors are made I can make mistakes Make up your mind do you wanna live like this It's hard to make a difference, my choices have been made for myself wake up look around this world has failed you What has this world come to filled with lies and alibis Empowering rights at the cost of our dime. There's no value in speech, Whens theres forced to be paid Buy into the Bastardmaker, No choice in life, Bastardmaker Fuck this game it's not fun to play your wasting time of your life I call your bluff, you jump the gun Where will you go when there's nothing left but dust