Whipping Soul (Anthropia)

Bitter taste down in my lungs The outside world's unimical (on my own) The other boys are beating me The girls always act with pity (whipping soul) Damn it! Every day the anger's growing Could it be already this big? Feeling like a bomb ready to explode... (Dwarf, fatty, spotty, ugly) Can't take it anymore The only thing for me for now Is to run out and to cry And I cry And I cry, hoping that the tears won't turn to blood And I wait For the day it will stop... Why can't I try counter-act, They're not better than me So practical to deviate all the bullying (Please God help me, I'm one of your sheeps) Every sign of irritation entertains them so much Climb of disgust of myself has reached for me its top And I cry, hoping that the tears won't turn to blood Their blood They laugh Pray, pray, pray you'll never be under my dependence Cry, cry, you'll cry, I swear Now I wait, just to take revenge It's pretty much clear now I'll never receive confidence of someone And I'll never give mine to anybody It may sound sad, but from today It will be my way to be