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Drowning Into Madness (Glory Opera)

Slowly I hear a calling, I feel it's not the end. I don't know if I'm dreaming So I look around and then There's a lady smiling, She's taking care of me. A soft light shines around her, I don't even know her name. I found life safer in her warm arms Dreaming, It's easier to us I can heal your spirit and your heart I found life so fragile in your sleep Now I need a reason Believe this is not real A face I can't forget And if I could, it's not my will I fall down tired, come to sleep, please You will not remember me Our story is just beginning While this love is hidden into my heart I'll be your star Now everthing turns into gray It fades away What is this? These shadows getting close to me My body freezes, I can't feel my lips My lucidity is gone I hear them calling me And now I'm not afraid of The spirits of the warrior kings They touched my mind With stories of believes and lies All the truth I couldn't see No Indian war can be won If the leader falls down I'll have to leave this place of dreams I was not prepared for this But inside me, I feel the pressure What is this? My destiny is now revealed I dare to see trough their dark eyes My sanity is gone Tonight we've been so close But I still can't see 'Cause my eyes were shut Moved by pain and love In the chaos I breathe in the air Where do you come from, tell me? Silence makes me die slowly 'Cause my heart is blind I'm afraid of love And the pain, I can't breathe the air The sunlight burn my eyes Death forgot to take me There's no more pain or scare My awakening time has come I'm feeling strong enough To face a hundred men It is time for payback No regrets for their tears. A dark voice is telling me to go on No prayer on my enemies The rival tribe will taste fury and revenge With power that grows inside my heart I will wait here to kill the coward prince Who think I've died If the story of your life is becoming dark Don't worry 'Cause sometimes these dreams May confuse you, I'll be always with you It's not for my life I fear to cry Because we are like two rivers tied Am I awake? Can't see her face. I am feeling, she's my soul mate Who's that lady wandering in my dreams? No sadness, no loneliness 'Cause I'm here praying Why died she save me And simply disappeared? No answers, just silence, 'Cause now I'm leaving Give me something to believe Just a sing to know you're real You're the shinning light of my way. Wrath! Come to my crushing reality Now you have no more to help you out Sticking the blade in your skin No witness for your empty screams Running from me won't make survive Spilling out blood, a matter of time This is my rite, your dying eyes Beholding my sarcastic smile The blood hides the green of the trees Nowhere to hide, there is no way out Just you and me, where's your bravery? I am your fate, your hangman My voice will rest inside your head I'll be the ruler, show some respect Because this might be your last act Where is your pride? Ask for your life The desperation in you eyes The blood hides the green of the trees Your poor life is nothing in my hands Silence sounds louder than death I am the terror in your eyes, I see My enemy is crawling The time slows down when you look at me Suffering, the torment start Evil control my hands Excruciation your body Pleasure while I am Chopping it up Without control, I've lost my will What's happening to me? All this rage that lies in my heart Came mysteriously and took away my sanity The nightfall brings me the sorrow Shame and tears I hope for a chance so I can Fly out this lunacy All that pain that lies in my heart Vanishing slowly And bringing back my sanity My regret consuming my conscience But now there is to time I have to forget and stay alive The nightfall brings me the sorrow Shame and tears