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Endless Sin (Glory Opera)

Now I wait the time to forgive my sins, Beyond the laws of the mem. The tempest and the wind slowly trying To take me to where I've been. I wish I were blind'cos just can'tsee The shine of the dawn My spiriti's locked in this fortress tall. The flesh turn into ashes, the body can't die, it's raised. This might be forever, I'll face this, alone. The words written in blood must be done, How long? One more try, another day, I'm too blind to find my way, There's no guiding man to lead me through This endless life. A thousand years, without a dream, Taking my sanity to the edge, Hear the whispers of the innocence's end. It's the morning beam If this loneliness could ever be seen, I would live in misery Just to find myself again. In this endless sin.