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Holy Prophecies (Glory Opera)

Truth isn't clear Visions get lost in the haze The darkness comes down, so near Brave men fall, the madness waves. As I see the children die And the mothers that can't cry,The fear grows on And on like fire inside me. Sacred promises Words that were never heard, Winds against the screams The damned plague is here. Harvesting lost lives A sight that slowly kills The weak ones, Smashing the believers A piece of heaven is gone. Resurrection of sadistic Ways to show The weakness of our kingdom. Holy prophecies deteriorate in time Lost in old cold boxes out of sight. And now we don't know how to stop. There's no limit for the pain and suffering Prosperity is lost in past remains. Against our faith The lights becomes darkness The beauty becomes ashes There's no sunset, there's no dawn Face the sky, Pray for the angel's arrival Dead hope of wasted lives The house of God may fall.