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The First Hunting (Glory Opera)

The jungle breaths under the rain Hiding secrets that i want to see A legendary giant snake Stalks after me in silence In my first hunting I'm alone The forest screams my name This must be done Running across the dark old trees I feel the death behind me One lines, the other dies now Face to face, hunter and prey That's the time to prove my strain Shredded skin, the fight begins We are alike, the man and the beast So much blood, I can't avoid the sore The next struggle will reveal if I'll win Wait the last second, it will last forever See the thin line of life pushin' away Some force from within Tell me to feel no fear One lived, the other died now Eye to eye, hunter and prey There is only place for me Healed skin, the fight is done We were alike, now I'm alone I drink your fresh warm blood Under a full moon, The first hunting comin' true!