When Falls The Winter (Glory Opera)

Life passes by so fast, Just shadows Of what you should really find, Never paradise, The path of nails torn inside. Limits could be reached out, If broken down, but scared, You've lost the chance To see the world With different eyes. Light won't shine on you 'till the winter... All the wisdom can't bring me The visions of paradise, That lives inside me now No matter if you crawl And feel not proud, this is the price, The conquest sight May not be just the way You've thought. Go on and on and feel Like you have never existed, It's coming the time To leave your wishes burn alive. Fall from sky in no one's land, Can't raise the eyes and face No strenght enought to hold. This dream drowned in faith, Uncovering while waits, Where secrets lie untold. If I still dive without fear, From the deep sky without tears.