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April's Love (Court Yard Hounds)

All the years I've gone through my life Taking the fall just to make it alright A time and place, never could erase The day we met You can't make me stay I wouldn't anyway 'Cause it don't feel right When it's said and done You can't hold on to the light If it don't feel right Yeah, I'm OK, but I'm not the same And I take it in stride There's no way to lose, with pictures to prove The lives we made You didn't take a stand You didn't hold my hand You should have held on tight When it's said and done She's gonna run through the dead of night If it don't feel right Crimson pair, we could make 'em stare Oh, but I slipped right down I saw his face, all time erased But that don't make it right You've got a thousand lines You're going overtime Just to change my mind With so much to prove Babe you're on the move... it's a million miles When it don't feel right