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Dance Of The Adversary (In Solitude)

Inhale the fury of the darkness In anaemic vertigo Across the threshold, I am burning Between to owl wings I go I go! Dance of apostasy Dance of the adversary The stench of of death becomes my gateway Wilder and wilder grows the night Backwards I dance into the crossroads Worlds trickle through my hands like sand I blood and tears I hold the chalice Libation from the devils Dance of apostasy Dance of the adversary Caress the flame, caress the steep fog Caress the labyrinth of knives The bleeding moon cry out for murder And incense burning, serpentine Dance of apostasy Dance of the adversary Mad art the flame in mind Bloodline of insanity One hand that ruptures all foundation Whiter sins! My world on fire Another hand that shapes a world Another passage that unfurls And in the bowels of the earth