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Demons (In Solitude)

And then there was silence, born and bound in me Amidst the hungry darkness, our eyes learned to see They are in my blood, their howl is my name No storm can calm this fire! The mirror in me Corrupt with serpents Their scales cut me free I kiss the demon Forbidden, yet opened We praise the living truth That crushes the mountains And swallows the sea Our roots reaching deeper, like daggers into flesh Our wounds sing of freedom, bleeding with each breath These eyes are not blind, I drink the insane flow My naked heart forgives me! The mirror in me Reflects a black rain That waters my dream I die with demons Forbidden, yet opened We are the living truth That crushes the mountains And murders the child Through cobwebs of time, our winding blades will wing Tears falling from the dagger, we gather souls to sing Out temple awaits here, with altars aflame Come shades, come all, with thunder! Demons! Demons! Inside the living temple My origins and fate I sacrifice to demons To demons! To demons!