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We Were Never Here (In Solitude)

Beauty crooked the mouth of death and death conjoined in our mirror the time has come to break and go through were invincible invisible See our smiles drenched blood and night black thorn crowned and at one with the dusk solemnly baptized in ash and flameswe where never here At the border fires we dane to death noble are our wounds Sleeping deep on burning fields we hold the keys our hungry souls have come to thee to plant the seed Follow the footprints that´s filled with blood and the burn injured trees in the dark we let our shadows show you the way to the final outpost Gods sinking in oil as our daggers exceed every angel of truth Sleeping deep of burning fields we are the keys our bleeding hearts have come to feed the shadowseed We come with burning meditating in serpents pits we have no names Phosphorus ! Wither shinsto ruins and black again to rebuild each vision with you my friend Brother ours os the graveyard dust ours is the vision that sunders it all brother ours is the oath to death to plant a war , in every star Sleeping deep on burning fields we are the keys we shall become the mystery now come with me