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Stay On Track (Noor)

Stay On Track Performed by: Noor Written by: Tarik Chorus: Don't look back Don't give up Just stay on track Trying hard every single day Fighting the urge to go astray I don't want to run away My will you'll never sway Doing my best to watch what I say Don't like regrets on my heart to weigh I'm telling you I won't be your prey I'm back on track now I've found my way You try to push me into deep dark caves Your whispers loud like crashing waves I don't want to misbehave My soul I'm gonna save It's not easy to resist what I crave Sometimes I feel like I can't be brave I'm telling you I won't be your slave I won't give up till my heart is safe Not gonna look back Not gonna give up The time is now to make a change With my whole life ahead of me Not gonna look back gonna stay on track Not gonna give up gonna stay on track