Cadences (Means)

In one sense we are always travelling And travelling as if we do not know where we are going In another sense we have already arrived We cannot arrive at the perfect possession of love in this life And that is why we are travelling and travelling in this darkness But we already possess love by grace And therefore in that sense we have arrived And are dwelling in that light But Oh! How far are you and I go to find that love in whom we have arrived Will you stand with us? As the sun goes down on an another day We'll keep singing For those who never made it out alive For those who never make it out alive Here is something indestructible Something we're fighting for And we're breaking down the door I have to learn these verses If only in this moment That I am with you Remember all the words you said, (Remember all the words) These cadences, These songs I will remember I need a strong and generous heart if you are feeding us The bread of tears Burn paradise and douse the flames Burn Paradise So we are living for today