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I'm Not Opposed To Getting Hit By A Car (Us From Outside)

Six feet as it marks the end of me, I try to follow but the great men always lead. The path ahead, encased in treachery. And I can honestly say that I’m afraid. (Someone had a nightmare here, its written on an empty heart) [Chorus:] The separation of a brave man fallen hard, though quite indifferent knows the way is in his heart. I’ve come to terms with the end. (How the fuck is everyone just dead? How did it all just end?) And I fall down, I know, though I know that I will stand again. The children are watching us, they’re watching us. (Send in the monsters) A desperate man will stop at nothing to erase all the burdens and mistakes he caused to those that he embraced. (Someone had a nightmare here, let’s pray until it’s over) [Chorus] The sheltered and the wicked see no need for enemies... enemies. (How the fuck is everyone just dead? How did it all just end?) Watch us all collapse into the dust from which we came. (The children are) Watching Us. Though I know. Though I know. (I’m binded by the words I’ve lost here) So I sent this letter written to whoever with a map that leads to nothing, nothing at all. I’m sorry to mislead you, Oh Well.