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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Smile Princess You're Perfect (Us From Outside)

(By cells, by cells and shadows, away we go. We might not have any answers, but have no doubt that yours are wrong) No chance of sleep, we’ll float away. (This here is the sight of the murder) In hopes we’ll make it through another day. We need to find our home, if only you could stay. (Just stay) [Chorus:] She... She’s safe from my world, torn apart. Too dark to find a home. Maybe my girl, we could start. Now clear of hope, we’re on our own. How about a meeting of the minds? You know that your arms are so tired. Even if we’re wrong. We’d survive... we’d survive. Save the night. [Chorus] Now the world and all her tears are dreams. (Dreams? I don’t dream anymore!)