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Alive (Fallen Angels)

I've been tortured By facts and memories I lost all I had I know there's no fate I don't believe in love I'm not worried I don't need anyone To chase for living I don't need no money To survive I'm all alone The pain I feel now Was acumulated Along the years And now it hurts me Like thousand needles In my skin I need no advice 'Cause I know they are Cause without effect I'm all alone now But I'm alive My blood has no taste This means I have no fate Life thought me how to fight And now I know I have a light A way to go A life to know A soul to show Someone to follow Until my life shuts down And darkness fills my veins I'll be alive If I'm alive Wouldn't I have a goal To reach But I'va walked this land And was unable to find This enchanted place I will continue walking Won't give up from searching Won't die while I'm alive Alive Alive I am