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Man In The Mirror (Fallen Angels)

Sometimes I look at the mirror And ask who's in front of me I realize that I don't know myself Just dream 'bout what I want to be Now I'm insure Of what I can do And I don't know Who I belong to I've never met someone to whom I can belong And everyday I search somebody to love Even if I know I can't controll myself I need somebody to tell me Who I am 'Cause I'm not good enough to find it out alone And everynight I cry for the fears within my soul Sometimes I look at the mirror And wonder if what I see is real I study my vision so deeply I can't tell what I feel I must think a lot Of my destiny All what I want What I can get for me I always fought for all the things I wanted And all I wanted wasn't always what I needed I fight against me every single day And I need somebody to save me From dying This man in the mirror whispers words I can't understand He wants to guide me, he takes my hand