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Never Mind (Fallen Angels)

You're wrong again You haven't found the truth You know what you want But you ain't sure it's right Moved by a broken heart You make your way You're lost again In the middle of nowhere You just can't explain Why you get this strange pain You don't have time to complain Just accept the facts I always told you when you should forget And watched over you when you felt depressed Tried so hard to never let you fall Chorus: Never mind ( whatever you say ) In the end each will walk his own way Look at me: you know what I lived through Just hear my advice Where you've been ( where you're gonna stay ) Hold your dreams 'cause they're fading away You're so young: you must gain controll of your life Wouldn't it be nice You're blind again You can't controll your acts You're conscience is clean But you're already within The trouble you got yourself in Falling in love You're lonely again It seems to be your destiny You wouldn't hear Then just disappear I know what you fear And you can't escape I care about you more than anyone else And you being a runaway just doesn't make sense Open your eyes and let me help you Repeat Chorus Heaven's gate is locked until you find the key Don't pretend you are someone you wanted to be Raise your head against evolution Face the facts: you are the solution