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Once Upon A Love Story (Fallen Angels)

Broken hearted guy Inventing memories Of someone he just canґt forget Like a twenty-three old child That doesnґt know what to do Lost like he thought heґd never get Walking towards what he knew he wouldnґt find With his eyes open wided when he thought that he was blind Straight into the heart of who he knows he canґt defeat Playing a game in which he knows he cannot cheat Chorus Once upon a Love Story That he wouldnґt tell He travels with an angel Between heaven and hell Hiding what had happened Because he was ashamed He killed her with his bare hands And the dream became a nightmare He was standing there alone When he tried to cut her wings He discovered she never was really there And love was an illusion Just another lie He was fooled by an image A living oasis with no sins Now he couldnґt get his freedom He was cursed with blame Crying in vain For what he had done Sorry even for being born When he fell in love He couldnґt tell right from wrong And he didnґt know when was the time to stop And he wasnґt able to recognize the dream And he didnґt realize that it had ended till that scream Of a fallen angel that was lying there in his arms Crying because he left her there, lonely, to die Repeat Chorus