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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Slow-motion Rain (Fallen Angels)

Life is slow Makes the pain grow And time doesn't pass It isn't as fast As it seems to the eyes Of the guardians Time isn't right Unconsciuos facts Makes us suffer in vain Collect all the pain And always get wet By slowmotion rain Slowmotion rain Is like slowmotion tears Created by slowmotion sadness Consequence of slowmotion fears Slowmotion pain Getting us down on our knees During slowmotion lives And slowmotion nightmares We live in We live in... Things are done Facts are written Everyone rolls their dice Without thinking twice Just trying to find Someplace called Paradise We are gone Just dissappearing Even if life's not fast While the world turns around In a wrong reality Where even fish drown Repeat Chorus Slowmotion rain Can't take the fire burning in me veins Slowmotion pain Infinite torture Driving me crazy You can't lose your hope Forget it, there ain't no future