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The Last December (Fallen Angels)

Donґt ask why Just say goodbye Donґt try to understand Time has come For this child To prove that heґs a man Dry your tears, stand up and pray Hope you will see him someday Chorus: And there he goes Without looking back Just disappears in the rain Every night He comes to you And blesses you in your dreams Whispering softly He asks for help A cure for his disease Taken by rage, barely sane He was just another man Repeat Chorus I hate to remember The last December A tragic love story Just left behind Two souls together During the last December Just wanting to stay forever Forever young Forever young and alive... Three months later By your door Stood this black-dressed man Gave the letter Signed with blood Written by a gun Went his way and wonґt come back Now his footsteps leave no track Repeat Chorus Itґs now or never This is the last December We have to grow stronger Each and every day We canґt surrender To the last December We have to keep on trying Till we find the way Till we find the way and can go home...