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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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One Life (Press Play)

I’ve got only one life To make my dreams reality When all my tomorrows are in my face they’re haunting me I’m sorry I ever let a day go by I’m sorry for ever saying this simple life someday When my life is over and I read through my own review The meaning of my life with no regrets No questions why No sorrys for all the things I could have made No sorrys I gave it all I didn’t say someday I’ve got one life to live this life I’ve got on try to get it right I’ve got one try to change a life I’ve got one life one life My someday’s have come and gone My someday’s before me now My todays why I'm alive I’ve got one life one life This is that moment To push through my unopened doors While my heart is beating Life can pass me by no more My someday’s it’s not a wish or make believe My someday’s it is today its waiting for me