Get It Together (Wayne Static)

Get It Together Here we lie The beginning This eternal Save us all Try to put it back together Timing's right to evoke a secret seance Time to fight this undying hunger There's no lying Deepest darkest I'm accepting we've been using This could still become a sticky situation Got to deal with these urges no Get it together Yeah Get it together End of night The beginning This infernal Trade it all Do it over so forgetful See the light It all happens for a reason Time to kill this unending season There's no lying Deepest darkest I'm accepting it's the hardest Take my body Take away the hesitation Take away the sensation Thinking about the days when we went insane Snorted ten pills Started hallucinating Popped some Viagra to make my hair stand up The Patron kicks in and it melts my brain And then there was the time that we were inside out Ate enough E to turn my hair into frosting 5 am in the parking lot Couldn't help ourselves We just couldn't stop it No remorse, no regrets I'd do it all again if I had the chance End of night, see the light Rode the horse and I aced the test Time to fight it off Time to come together Time to turn it up Make the case Kill the moth Self revealed Take the loss Can't replace Just because What we feel is chaos Use this trust to get it together