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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Half A Person (Trapped Under Ice)

Bear witness to the birth of Broken promises As the truth escapes An honest man breaks And I'm always getting worse At keeping words Can't erase the things That my anger brings Can't erase my striving relationship with loss Agony I was taught Moral standard has been maladjusted And senseless acts reinforced Anything to forget the pain The agony I was taught Becoming everything I never wanted to be, somehow Until I close my eyes and just fade out Just fade out My soul slips out Out the back door To the city streets I can only hope for Things to get better But they never do Growing further from myself Without you Bear witness to the death of Love I never received When I was young Just wanted to be by your side But I guess I wasn't good enough Can't say that I'm proud Of the live I've come to know I feel the worst things in my soul And if I never make it home tonight the streets will swallow me whole Love to love to love to love you But FUCK it Love, I couldn't cut it