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Reality Unfolds (Trapped Under Ice)

Reality unfolds before my eyes I've spent 21 years living in lies 21 years that I've paid For mistakes that I never made And I'm finding there's no hope for love Devil in my ear tell me what I want to hear He said this place is cold, better do as you're told Or the true chill, of the world will freeze your soul And i'm finding that devil ain't lying I need something to keep me warm Please tell me that you will I'm so cold and all alone True chill Reality unfolds what is true I've got no love for myself, I've got no love for you So pay no mind to the stories that you're told Life as you know it has become so cold You will never feel the warmth like the warmth you felt before You sucked the life out of me I've felt your true chill f**king ice queen So I'm going to freeze, and I'm going to burn Until god calls me home, take away my hurt To know a life of pain and strife Too many years spent under the ice I'm so alone I've been living my life so cold and I will die cold and all alone