Street Lights (Trapped Under Ice)

I feel the warmth Of the street lights Police sirens in Baltimore Over the sound of endless street fights You can watch your life slip Through your finger tips Abandon all faith in love For greed, blood, mistrust, hate and vengeance I feel torn Between good and evil Hear the paramedics in the middle of the night Rush to the aid of helpless people As my life slips Through my finger tips Abandon faith in love For greed and blood And mistrust, hate and vengeance It's a way of life That the sunlight never sees There's always blood in the city that bleeds Because the cost of the drugs outweighs The supply of the jobs, and the minimum wage And we still want more Murder in the streets of Baltimore There is so much hate That I can't escape no matter what I do So hard to face the reality But it's the truth Thousands of lives spent in prison cells With no future to look forward to Separate the unreal from the real And the untrue from the true