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Bought A Big K (Santana Fredo)

[Hook: Chief Keef] A big K, a big K I just went and bought a big K Shoot a nigga dead in his face I ain't ever like him anyway It's gon' be okay, it's gon' be okay I sip lean, I don't like no Rosé I just bound from a whole K Baby you know we the Glo Gang [Verse 1: Fredo Santana] 2-4-14 be the gang Big boss, put a goofy in his place Got 30's hangin' off my fuckin' waist Don't make me catch a mothafuckin' case He owe gwap then that nigga better pay Or I'mma be at his crib the next day With a big K, a big K Shoot his momma in the mothafuckin' face In the trap, whippin' work like a slave In the hood, my lil' niggas can't behave Chest shot, or the neck, or the face Put an Op nigga in his fuckin' grave A big K, a big K Sosa say he want him dead, he die today Got a 30, I just bought a big K It's ok, it's ok [Hook: Chief Keef] [Verse 2: Fredo Santana] Sneak dissin', get found the next day Stretched out, bullet holes from my K It ain't my birthday, but I got a lot of cake Try to take it and I'm shootin' you in the face In the trap, with the squad, movin' weight White bitches sniff a row up off the plate I don't trust niggas, lot of niggas fake When I'm on your ass, ain't no escape Try to run, I ain't worried, bullets chase I just went and bought a big K It's ok, it's ok I just went and bought a big K [Hook: Chief Keef]