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Gang Bang (Santana Fredo)

[Hook:] All my niggas grimy, all we do is gang bang Every nigga with me throwing up the same thing Hundred shot TEC, I don't need no fucking aim Shooters on deck, you can get your ass changed Fredo Santana, got your bitch screaming my name I don't fuck with lames, nigga please stay in your lane All my niggas grimy, all we do is gang bang All my niggas grimp, all we do is gang bang [Verse 1:] All my niggas grimy, all we do is gang bang All my niggas grimy, all we do is gang bang Who the fuck is you, you can't hang where I hang I got shooters that gon' shoot, bullets going through your brain Higher than a plane, smoking kushy to the brain Looking for a bad bitch so I can borrow her face I'm three-hundred, so I know she gon', ain't much I gotta say Reesey' money with that tech, I got a problem round my way This little thirty ain't finna' do nothing, it keep falling off my waist Baby girl pull your pants up, I only want your face Call brosky face, in traffic smoking stank Them bullets peel like paint, I'm cooling where it ain't safe Make a horror movie, then escape Middle fingers to the Jake's [Hook] [Verse 2:] Fresh up out of jail, I be on my trap shit Hit Chop up on the cell, I need a beat I'm on my rap shit I'm not for that acting, if you want if you get clapped quick Them hitters all around, and them tools we be packin' See Fredo make it happen, Chief Sosa make it happen Try us and you'll be the first, they smoking up to heaven If you ain't with me, you must be against me Them thirties on deck, and them clips is never empty Two thirties in my hand, try and run from the sixty That goofy shit makes me, gone off a pilly I'm shooting if you concealing, I stay with nine milli That forty or that semi, my hitters put you six feet [Hook]