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Jealous (Santana Fredo)

[Hook: Fredo Santana] These niggas changed, they got jealous on me Try to rob, I got that felon on me I can't leave the country cause I'm a felon homie And I don't trust these niggas, they be telling on me And I don't trust these bitches, they be plotting on me Everybody ain't real, you gotta watch homie Niggas say they real, but they acting funny These niggas changed and got jealous on me [Bridge: Kendrick Lamar] I don't trust these niggas, I don't trust these bitches Drunk right now, so you know I meant it [Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar] If you know me then you know nigga Chi-town like my second home I done flew a private jet for some Harold's Chicken straight from Rome I done bust down on a few thots, Fredo hit me on my phone "Nigga I can't talk right now, got pussy on my tongue" I got worry on my brain, I been gone all summer Just to fly back home and found out y'all done killed my little brother Shit is fucked up on these streets Why the fuck would I think about some rap beef? Nigga I got bigger fish to fry now Empty out my account and I'll pay for sleep Where's my bottle? Money change and people change and people come And people go and act estranged I'm aggravated cause they hated, confirmation for success Anticipated, I can taste it I can chase it back down with liquor I could drown out my sorrows But I ain't a sorry ass nigga Get up off your ass, make yourself a hundred racks Bitch, get up off your ass, throw it back back back Back inside my 'Bach, back in a garage that we can jack Bitch I love my hood, I'm strapped up, what's good? Heard someone said [Hook] [Verse 2: Fredo Santana] Coming up, gotta watch who you hang with I'm still with the same niggas I came with On the block with the same niggas I banged with If you ain't talking money I don't know your language I come from that very very bottom Now I'm getting money and I'm seeing stardom My niggas savage, don't start 'em We up them guns, if it's a fucking problem Money coming in, don't have money problems Kicked your bitch out cause she ain't wanna swallow All these bitches thots, acting like models Fredo, I'm the king of Chicago Gotta .30 and I fill it up with hollows Got bricks and I feel like El Chapo I'm the shit, I'm the shit, I'm the shit bitch Since I'm a rich nigga, I need a rich bitch [Hook]