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Rob My Plug (Santana Fredo)

[Intro:] Fredo Kruger! [Hook x2: Fredo Santana] I'm abouta rob my plug, take his ass down, For a couple bricks, then feed it to my town. I'm abouta rob my plug. I'm abouta rob my plug (my plug). [Verse 1: Fredo Santana] Trapper of the year, bitch I can't stop trappin', Weed so stanky, you can smell it through the pack, Put it in the pot, then I pack it in the plastic, Crack doing numbers clucka say I got magic, But if you run up on me then, it's gonna be a tragic, Them bullets get to flyin', couple bodies and a casket, A fiend for that money, I swear I'm an addict, Wherever it's at, when I see it, I just grab it The 30 that I'm packin', rob me, it ain't happen Now you on the news for this.40 that I'm blastin', My plug, he be taxin', but I'm a set him up, Have my killas in his house, whoever they see, they wettin' up [Hook] [Verse 2: Fredo Santana] My trap don't slow up, supplyin' 'til they stop us, Hop out, nigga, we ain't servin', unless your car parked Bitches see me starstruck, niggas wanna play tough, Actin' like they want war, this 'K will tear your face off, Last week robbed the kush man, this week rob the dope man, Heard you holdin' work man, get your ass poked, fam. Thinkin' this is your fam, then I kick your door in, Everybody on the ground - Ballout bring them ropes in! Kush smoke, kush smoke - all I do is kush smoke! Disrespect my set, then you fuck around and get smoked! [?] with your wife, ask my shooters what they in for, Fed ass niggas - snitching, giving info! [Hook]