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Peace Of Mind (Greenwheel)

It's 4 am And I feel dead Thoughts of you all in my head They don't help to ease the pain They're only driving me insane I don't care what might have been We've gt to live with what we're given You complain when I try to help Too few years under your belt Take the time to hear me out And understand what I'm talking about Do you ever hear the things I say You're taking it the wrong way I've found Peace of Mind And I shared it with you for some time We never meshed as one And I've got this feeling that we're done You mean so much to me I couldn't help to let this be I tried all that I could But you never understood I don't believe that I'm the man To take your life into my hands If I was I wouldn't have left And I believe it was for the best So live your life as each day comes And I believe when it's all done I will always be your friend From this day to the very end You've found peace of mind That I believe once was mine Let's do this all over again But this time we'll just be friends