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Prom Night At Hater High (The Long Winters)

Sitting there where you buried your pets Get up! We'll dig graves for your invisible friends Now I can't stand to hear another thing explained Your trip to Spain Your childhood pain So won't you quit talking down to your girlfriend Oh, I see, you're not fighting, you're flirting Well I hope it's exciting These kids are my age it's strange to say Look up! Every star is singing in space But I am motionless on this tiny strip My conscience is clean I can see everything Well, the girls meet to dish the dirt but it's them! I heard their conversation it made me laugh They talk about the magic man Like they ever had him Jet City won't let you go without a fight You see the pod people on prom night At Hater High Don't stay up late to cry You've got a big trip to plan Say goodbye to your old friends Say goodbye, goodbye Jet City She showed up for our date five years late She said you're so sexy and so great Aren't you gonna show me where you sing your downtown song? I said, â??Downtown's gone! Downtown's gone!â?? Now my only ties to that old scene Are the same mean people in pre-owned jeans I used to love them all But they burned me up, goodbye.