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Origin (TesseracT)

I became so sick of it all The feelings we found and the time that we shared The passion compared is no less divine In my mind are the swells that encompass the pain And the vision of her oh the feelings of pain And the memories that were now are gone Why should it have to end this way? Will they all just turn and forget us? There’s only one thing left to find, look around Oh and when my light is lost and spent Turn the pages It’s your chosen last book Gave you everything All you need to make your decision Keep these wounds open for you Now they’re closing Scars remind me every moment We’d had enough of satisfying lust And our intentions were so pure and innocent Pay the fool with life and he will find a way Play the fool Wish that you had never begun this endeavour Now light is gone And around and around and around (Wish that you had never begun this endeavour) (Now light is gone) Wish that you had never…