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Bird in the Bush (Briggs Anne)

Three maidens a-milking did go :| And the wind it blow high and the wind it did blow low It tossed their petticoats to and fro |: They met with a young man they know :| And they've asked it of him if he had any skill To catch them a small bird or two |: Oh yes I've a very good skill :| And it's come away with me to the yonder flowering tree And I'll catch you a small bird or two So |: it's off to the greenwoods went they :| And he's tapped at the bush and the bird it did fly in Just a little above her white knee And her sparkling eyes they did turn round Just as if she was in a swound And she cried “Oh, I've a bird and a very pretty bird He's a-pecking away at his own ground” |: Here's a health to the bird in the bush :| And we'll drink up the sun, and we'll drink down the moon Let the neighbours say little or much