Fabulous Places (Spacey Kevin)

There are so many fabulous faraway places to see! Such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri! There are so many exciting & wonderful places! Mountains and jungles, deserts and oases! Pleasant as home is, It isn't what Rome is! So why stay there? When there are so many fabulous faraway places to see! Why should Spain and Tahiti and Rio Just be only names to you and me? I feel certain there are people We'd be glad to know there! So tell me why don't we get up and go there? Go to those fabulous places where we long to be? Like Bangkok & Hong Kong & Paris & Venice! Tokyo & Cairo & Lisbon & London! Wonderful fabulous places we're longing to see! There are so many Simply incredible places to see! When I think of the warm Caribbean, I see a new world for you and me!...... I'd give anything just to have one single day there! And once we get there, I know that we'll stay there! Stay in those fabulous places Where we long to be! Like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Paris and Venice Tokyo and Cairo and Lisbon and London Siam! Sienna! Vienna! verona! Java! Jamaica! Bombay! Barcelona! Show me those fabulous places We're longing to see!