Hit It From The Back (Dre Dog)

Hehehe, wussup, ooh, that's nice what you got on, I like that Girl it's after 12 o'clock and we over high You lookin' good enough to eat just like a slice of pie And I can see I got you wet, you can't wait to fuck But like the cherry that you are you're holdin' back that lust You's a sexy little caramel in a see-through shirt And I'm a homie, lover, friend?, flirt Won't you look into the mirror, baby, when you ride And tell me how good it feels when I'm inside Cause that doja got dreamin', your talkin' got me fiendin' So keep on talkin' babygirl cause I'm a have you creamin Like ooh, yah, keep it right there, Grab my ass while I pull your hair It don't stop, sexy you can have every drop Now turn that body over girl so I can get on top And be cool with the lips, rude with the lips While the covers ride down my back and off my hips And you can feel yourself about to cum and just can't wait With them "ooh Nick it feels so good" looks on your face And it's workin', the nipples on your titties just a-perkin' We ready to do some freaky shit it ain't no use in perpin' The red light is on, my hands stay on your hips Orgasm too I thought you knew I'm right back for the lips And this is Dre Hehehe, wussup, you didn't um, you didn't think I could cum like that did you But um, check this out, I got something else for you... I'm trying to keep you wet, I'm trying to make you sweat I'm trying to let you know that baby, I ain't done yet Let's continue with the freaky shit, let me know I'm killin' it Hittin' that body from front to back, holdin' on to those caramel hips Muah, ooh shit, it's something about your muffin girl that got your boy like lovin' it Because it's tight, it's nice, and it feels right You said I'm the best you ever had and you sure right You sex fiend, caramel windows off like pumps Legs on my shoulders I can feel myself about to nut I slows it down, man I can't do that now Big lips, a small waste, ass nice and round So smack smack, I hit that booty from the back You ask me do I like it but you already knowin' that Your muscles tighten up, you feel your second nut You want it deeper now you tellin' me to grab the butt Now here comes mines, were racin' for the same line The person cums first they win like every time Like ooh shit, I just shot out my soul We sweatin like a race and barely got out all our clothes That sexy dress, them high-heel pumps that don't dissect Man call your boy I got your number and I got your back Hehehe, it's like that, hit that booze, What's your name again, I'm just fuckin' with you Hehehe, thank me, THANK ME