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Mind Full Of Hatred (Dre Dog)

I don't wanna cry no mo so it's on. U caught up in the mode of the new Jim Jones Problems in the world make mary jane a hit Young mothafuckas gettin raised like pits. Nigga can you feel the hatred, I want you to die. Creepin bolo, always solo, chewy got me high My eyes are low, my heart is cold, my stare will cause you pain My niggas, man they want to think these records... ? Problems in the world make niggas wanna kill So I slang my rope just to make a joint to break you off the real Foul rat daddies make my mind go smash Niggas smoke all day, but still about they cash Are u a killa, or are you a fake ass nigga (nigga) Dirty like a worm (worm), slimy like a caterpillar (caterpillar) Mind full of hatred... killa! (killa!) And if they don't come, go n get em! (go get em!) It's like world war 3 in the mothafuckin zone And anything goes when street lights come on And I'm sweatin, every nite sleepin no noise Always mad, never glad, indo brings me joy So lay down to your mothafuckin nemesis (lay it down) You say u caught me? then I'm a ask for witnesses (witnesses) It's like enter the dragon, I creep like bruce Callin all cars, cop/got killa on the loose Once in my scope, there ain't no hope, cause I don't care. You walkin now, but when u see me, picture wheel chair Because my bear hug be fuckin off your vertebrae And now you lookin like a cat on the freeway You start actin like a child and I'm a call you 'son' You try to play me like a bitch and I'm a cut yo tongue And I ain't ever met a nigga that ain't lied about pussy to this day But I ain't trippin, mothafucka roll a J Cause I don't give a fuck, nigga what's the score I got mines and nigga, I want yours They rat head mothafuckas get government cheesed And get the full extent of punishment by any... |higher means? | So I'm livin like a dope dealer poppin in his prime And example mothafucka that had dope came in '89 It's like FUCK YOU MAHN, CRACK COCAINE! That one hitter quitter done got yo brain Now it's only poppin, there ain't no stoppin Money comes first nigga bodies start droppin Niggas get hit like they comin across the middle Cause I ain't got no time for no mothafuckin riddle Cause bullshit walks, and money talks loud Smilin shows weakness, so niggas don't smile Mind full of hatred, gonna think rite Nigga I'm head huntin, mothafuck yo life! It's like peeka boo peeka boo, nigga I see ya But what I got for ya foo, I wouldn't wanna be ya The 6'6 killa whale's in the cuts, like starsky n hutch And I'm puffin on skunk. so nigga knuckle up and your grill u better guard Cause I'm a try to stick you like a snitch on the yard I walk my walk I talk my talk and sometimes I mite give orders Deceptacons, get ready to roll on all these transformers Cause niggas don't care, they takin chewy to the brain Mind full of hatred, off that came to the face Bow down u little bitch here to taste Respect gets? like staggitory rape And it's on, voices goin off in my dome Steady gettin high in my caddy all chrome CHIT CHATTA! mothafuckas really don't matter Niggas get beat like pancake batter Cracked like egg, fried like pork I got niggas runnin east, west, south, n north Like a compass, yo life don't mean shit to me, fuck it Mind full of hatred smokin chewy in a bucket These cockaroach fucks get eat like fish Skinned like shrimp, beat then lynched Cause foolin ona reef shit n foolin ona bird shit And all that other bullshit Dre Dog is not concerned with FUCK EM. FUCK EM.