Piece Of My Mind (Dre Dog)

Punishment is painfull when you know that you deserve it It's like a hustla on a clucka let me show you how I serve it Nigga I see you, it's the tall bald eagle Representin somethin but you respresentin seagull Pigeoun! Yeah you's a dirty flyin rat You carbon copy cattapiller or should I say fax Relax and get jacked like that nigga in Menace Fuck around patna and get smacked like a tennis Ball! Man did my niggas juss call? It's 911 it's yo nigga Dre Dog So nigga fuck around and get cut like a canteloupe Try ta run and get chewed up like a cheetah on a anteloupe Payback's a motherfucka sour dope deal Targets make noise like a mutilated seal Dead with a scared look on they face 1995 it's a cocaine race The Firm! Mothafuckas doin that sherm Slug ass niggas get treated like a germ So when you see me nigga you'll refer to me as mista Or brother in law nigga cause I'm fuckin yo sista More bass! And it goes like that More bass! And it goes like this More bass! And it goes like this More bass! Yeah, I chews gum and beef jerky Eats chicken and turkey Nigga you might wound me but you neva will hurt me He's cut! The left eye's all fucked up! One hitta quita got em walkin like a drunk! (hehehehe) Skunk and a blunt nigga all rolled up Tug boat nigga in the sea juss sunk I'm a yacht Mothafucka gimme what you got All packed in like them nappy dreadlocks Sardines, all cluckas get that cream And ta get it outta you, man I fucked up Raise up! That paybacks pimp's on the hunt Darker than a tinted window, quiet like a monk I want to hear ya cry so I ain't gonna pop ya I want to see ya scream right before I drop ya So check this out mothafucka when I got ya I'm gonna knock the wind up out ya Panic! Mothafucka yeah it's the indo mechanic Quick until ya start this Colder than the arctic Step up in the mind of a creep thief artist Hungry for the bankroll Stripes like a sergeant And that's a piece of my mind