Scottie 15 (Dre Dog)

scottie,scottie scottie,scottie put the phone on ya but it's the booty call and I'm comin' ta bust nuts on all ya'll and I'm out half a blunt hangin' out my mouth speedin' like a demon on 101 south I smoke chewy like a muthafuckin' nut ya got a gram bag get the zags an' roll 'er up it's Andre Nickatina tiger comin' out the cuts maximum speed drivin' I don't give a fuck garcia blunt fully hunt down the cat these bitches on the street muthafucka were you at dippin' on swayze wit my niggas from tha set the blunt went out but we ain't done yet get another one blaze bitch get paid a welfare that check every 15 days i remember highschool lowfuel and bushy cuttin' that muthafucka go gettin' pussy caught up in the madness this freak was the baddest I seen her baggy jeans and her ass was the fattest ooh it's jenine she licked my dick clean come right away she got a twomp sac of weed nigga I'm sippin my potna's got the tay' stay sippin' talkin about money,hoes,hustlin' and pimpin' I'm over doja like this fine bitch shinin' like a car or my news stands smith cut the fade hoes get wet from the wave dancin' in a cage with ass for days it's like this I didn't know you smoke chewy bitch now bring the yale too so we can fire up a spliff about six my pager's talkin' to me sayin' "shit the battery's low in this son of a bitch" yeah 15's pound like this 15's screamin' out bitch 15's bumpin' gangsta shit mind on a muthafuckin' grip a nigga graped his coat when I heard them 15"s with a new 9 in the waistline of them jeans when I them 15"s heard them 15's grab my weed to get keyed when I heard them 15's fresh out the house about to pop my p's my niggas done swoop me up about twelve fifteen what's the first thing to do but find that weed in that sedan de ville cadilac wit' the gangsta lean I gots to pop me a not soon as we hit the spot so I can hit the ho twice and see how much cash she got me and 'dre will hop out when we hit the parking lot and get to flossin' on them fools like i pooled up at the postop jumped out the car and we was feelin' like g's I was broke that day but lookin' like I slang keys but these hoes will neva know cuz them ones will have you fat when you off in one of them clubs and dressing all in black and it was cool I had juice to get in with a strap in case I see one of them niggas from back in the days I done jact in fact my nigga shot done served that nigga a sac and told me that he had 3 mo' niggas posted out back bring this on cuz right by the back door is my cuzin tone and mr. blunt ready to give some nike reading lessons to a chump we make them bleed then leave the seen wit them a.r. 15's a.r. 15's man I don't drink cappacino I'm a picses not a leo can't even strike to reno unless I tell my fuckin' p.o. drinkin pina colata brooms staring hard at the moon on the eightteenth floor hopin' I can find my room five star adictive like liquor at the bar I sell tapes nigga bring it on cash or master charge I gets lower than a den when I'm strikin" on a mission lookin' for competition or maybe a couple bitches my style is something deadly like a newport cigarette I'm a street chemist bitch a money hungry pit like daffey duck I gives a fuck it's mines it's all mines catch a flight in hienz cuz I'll leave that ass behind come stick with me I'll bumble like a bee cuz my boo we was cool back in nine two but check it I hit the party and these niggas holdin weed and i hold it in at my heart and don't wanna leave yeah what I think not ya know we hate cops imagine if nigga bought every donut shop in the city fuck it in the muthafuckin' world greesy like a curl priceless like a pearl strikin' like a lighter bitin' like a biter bitch did you recognize my whitewall tires? (shaggy) yeah man i recognize your whitewall tires, but we got to get this over with you understand me. I'm makein' moves I can't be standing around it might have been a good day for you,but I'm a tell you it'll never be right. I stepped outside and I was tweaking so tipsy mentally geekin' I seen my nephew he had just got plug he gave me credit he hooked me up with a proper dubb here come my girl I hope she got a pipe it might of been a good day for you,but for me it'll never be right I must have been geekin' and I stole my mama's t.v. now my little brother and my nephew wanna see me but I ain't lookin' for them,I lookin' for a triple beam and I'll be back later on cuz I heard you niggas got ice cream something fat never that soda fuckin wit the mexicans ya'll be havin' that peruvian yola strait butt naked a dobe fiends dream nextellin' ain't no tellin' when I put it on a triple beam I love that bitch if ya know what I mean but I ain't talkin' bout that skanless,I'm talkin bout that icecrea