Smoke Dope And Rap (Dre Dog)

I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut You got a gram bag hit the zags and roll her up Cuz a nigga like me can't fake it when I'm high Get the Visine for the tight red eyes Jump in the Cutlass with the niggas from the set The blunt went out but we ain't done yet Get another one blaze like a barbeque beef It ain't nothin like a blunt for the funk in ya teeth Yeah, I'm a skinny 6'5 motherfucker If you didn't know me you would think I was a clucker But I'm not a clucker I'm a dodger and a ducker Come a little closer I'm a show you I'm a punch ya And if I can't beat you I get my gun and I'm a buck you Turn you over like a little bitch and I'm a fuck ya And like a fiend for the weed I'll tweak Four 15's in your trunk that's beef Proper ass amps ??? Alpine Put the coke on the dash roll a dollar do a line Pump RBL maybe 1,2,3 Or the funky shit by the I.M.P. Now I'm high like a motherfuckin jet Fuck a 9 to 5 I'm a juke on the set Slang these thangs and fuck these hoes One line at a time goes up a nigga's nose The shit clears my sinuses just like a shower Indo or the tide blend it in with the powder Now I'm chewy high with a hard ass dick Oh there go my pager could it be a trick bitch? Oh it's Janine, she lick my dick clean Come right away and bring a dime bag of weed Like a nigga that's sick caught up in the groove Kill the pussy bust a nut and like a vet stick and move Out of that house a quickie I know she got mad Because I killed it and I didn't bring the weed I did bring the weed but I left in the my Cutty Did you really think I would smoke some dank with you dummy? (yeah) No, Dre Dog won't die See my nigga Cougnut nigga let's get high He said I got the drank and you got the dank He said my nigga Dre Dog Frisco is the place For me to get high and you to get drunk We smoke dope we rap and these hoes we fuck Ooh I'm high as hell from snorting that girl Rush Mr. Cee so I could tie me up a curl Out that shop hoes do jock See my Cutty in a rag I will drop top See the freak on the block I think her name was Kim Just stole her in the Cutty like Iceberg Slim I said how you doin, my name is Dre Dog You give me your number I'll give you a call She said my hair looked proper as it blew in the wind But I can't have her number cuz I fucked her best friend It's a pity I'm a nigga that just don't care Except for my dope my money and hair Cuz everywhere I go it's the same damn song Nigga smoke more dope than Cheech and Chong I love to tell the truth but I'm such a good liar The Dre Dog nigga smoke more than Richard Pryor I'm true to the dope that I smoke no joke Check me right now there's a gram in my coat Cocaine blunts (what?) and hip hop tapes (what?) Rubber car keys and ID that's fake And rhymes do pay so my pockets do grow I snort so much snow that they should call me Dre Blow Cuz I don't drink beer I don't drink gin Bust the freak hit the pussy then I try to fuck her friends Dre Dog don't laugh ain't a damn thing funny When niggas talk to freaks who ain't got no money I done smoke enough blunts fool to fill my brain Chewy boy do me raw cut cocaine And niggas get pumped when they smell dank-a-roma When they smell dank-a-roma then they know I'm on the corner They offer me drank but I don't get drunk I smoke dope I rap and these hoes I fuck