The Stress Factor (Dre Dog)

Don't push me cause i'm close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head Sometime I sit alone And look deep into my soul And i starrin down at something That's very out a control tolerance at zero Emotions dead and gone If indo was a pebble then i'd be a stone Patience low I rest to go I got's to get Ahead Motherfuck these hoes And Impose I got to get my bread The streets say nothing nice They quit it like the idus And everybody dippin seein who can get the highest Now check this out without a doubt And about to come fresher And about that cab And protect that ass Don't pannic under pressure My stabbin like a whip Or better an aligator temper going up and down like a Like a fucking elevator bitch I want it know Don't give me no delay's My hustlin got me trippin Listen from my ike turner way's Man this life is real No time to be an actor And i'll play no man let me know It's like the stress factor I want to grow old have a kid and a place to sleep A down ass wife And when I die i'll rest in peece But man that's all a dream This donja got me trippin It got me feelin bleak But I can't remember what I did last week Now look at my face This shit ain't fake The pain to turn to pressure Every nigga that know me Don't cop down to that pressure My mother woke me up One day said "boy you gettin grown" Your momma has 3 jobs Your momma is gettin known So I took it as a hint When ohh my missions free Mind full of hatred got me fuckers time is hard you see That monkeys on my back And I can't get him off So whatever I do Mom it's just for you No matter what the cost I put that on my life Everything I see is dark Money is rare But I don't care Stop that niggaz heart He's comin on a big wheel I'm comin on a tractor Man take this hate It's too late It's called th stress factor Some think that i'm the man Some think my shit don't stink But yes it do I thought you knew I'm not a coward nor a fink One side of my heart got love The other side is hate Boy that hate is steamin love Right in it's fuckin face Women ask me how i'm livin I tell them day by day With a donja joint That lovely voice A mr. Marvin gay And I got to get away That just might do some good But every time i get away I miss the fuckin hood My homie lost his job He don't know how to react So I do thangs to help him out Like to a little crac That shit's over rated Niggas Complicated But you woulod never know From that cat flow How the pictures painted Motherfuckers wisper And think I don't hear them And wonder why i'm over high And never go near them But love to all my niggas from workin to mid jackers Cause matter what you feel Cause it's called the stress factor